Customisation is an important trait to cater to the exact needs of Customers, in particular to the Construction Industry, where every structure is unique in its own way. At MPC, the services provided are moulded to suit and induce utmost Value Addition to the Project. Following is a glimpse of our standard modus operandi inherent with High Customisation Potential to meet varied requirements.

The exhaustive work of redrawing the 2D Architectural Designs to be converted into highly Co-ordinated and Computable 3D model is executed. Improvements in design and geometry can now be readily incorporated at any stage of the Project cycle and the varied but customisable Schedules of Quantity are made available for analysis.




The element-specific Schedule is then synchronised with the Geometric 3D model to be readied for 4D Analytic Simulation.


Interference Management Services are then employed to detect clashes, between Structural as well as varied disciplinary elements, to be studied and reiterated as design change eliminating the need for rework on-site.



The virtual elements of the entire model are now in sync and available in highly presentable form with Real Time Navigation, Simulations and Walk-through Animations.