We strive to serve the following BIM-VC centric approach towards project Management to enhance its potential for effective Co-ordination and timely Delivery of Construction Projects, of any size and complexity. We pave the path for a smooth transition from the post-design till the execution stage and make available not only the virtually representable but also precise flow of information on-site.

Planning – 4D Scheduling with Analytic Simulation

The key capability in Project Planning, integrated with the 3D model development, is our ability to precisely plan and schedule the project activities with the primary view of maximising resources availability by optimising resources allocation.

Application of historical productivity data and location-specific risk allocation pooled with the schedule of quantities from the 3D model help us achieve the aim of Schedule Compression resulting in striding towards the eventual goal of “Reduction in Costs with Increase in Profits”.

To further support the construction delivery team and for better understanding of the dynamics of various construction methods and techniques, we offer 4D Modelled Simulation Technique. With its introduction, Real-time Navigation of the entire model is made possible which significantly enhances the clarity necessary for analytical purposes and exploits the power of Photo Realistic Visualisation.

3D Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The preliminary work-phase involves transforming and shaping up two-dimensional (2D) designs as well as geometry into a highly Co-ordinated and immensely computable three-dimensional (3D) model. For increased visualisation experience, we offer high quality renderings of the entire project from various structurally significant points of view.

With the spectrum of aspects pertaining to Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines being integrated in 3D model, we offer Interference Management Services for clash detection of the impending conflicts and collisions in the project structure. Appropriate suggestions will be presented for the improvement in the existing design to evade rework at any stage of the project.

Capabilities Integration

We recommend and provide assistance for suitable upgrades to our clients’ existing Technological Capabilities to reap them the advantages of the Virtual Construction (VC) Platform. In order to extract maximum benefits from the Visualisation Functionalities of the 4D model, we furnish limited software capabilities besides a specific training package for the same.